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Aug 9, 2013 5:30am EDT
angel quickly lifted hig up said do not worship me i'm just a llowvant dnie louisiana in these end times are we waiting for more things happethan just the two witnesse appear i learned from your evyday thank you for td were glad you're learning a lot of things have to happen before the two witnesses appear you need to study matthew 24 mark luke 21 details the eves that stome to pass at t beginnigg of matthew 24 the disciple as christ masterworks is goi t like when y r#turn the secd advent h tells them this is what @ currently like aefore a return that's what you need to study matthew 24 mar13uke 21 madison georgia thetwo witnesses in revelation when are th due to showp they showp ju befe thinner christ shorteriodtime before the anticist does which you can document if you know what you're bng with revelation 11 in revelation 12 given the nuerf days two witnesses will be here little bit longer thanwdat t time. the antichrist will be given in revelation 12 wt i meant if you kw what y'ring course the time satan is in short probably the time of thetwo wi
Aug 11, 2013 7:00am EDT
, let's go to a live crusade from baton rouge, louisiana. >> i was going to start up here in the front, but i'm going to go back to the back. amen. ( applause ) just a minute. brother, i want you to just stand up on your feet. amen. glory to god. whoo. i just want to rebuke the pain out of your body right now. father in heaven, let our brother be made every wit whole. i come against the pain! i come against the discomfort! ♪ he's not going to need this old crutch anymore. the anointing of god will break every yoke of the enemy! whoo! you know, i'm just going to make the devil mad. this just burns the devil up! ( applause ) whoo! hallelujah! come on over here. amen. i just believe god is going to drive all of that pain out of your body! how many of you believe the pain is going to go back to the pits of hell where it belongs? you see those tears of joy? god said i'll turn your tears of sorrow! and ill tell you, if the devil even tries to come back, he's going to burn his nose! run away and never come back. i'll tell you, the drought is over! whoo! she's going to take off and run a lit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2